Stains! One of the many nuisances that you might encounter once in a while. No matter how vigilant and careful you are, a single wine spill can completely ruin that beautiful carpet you’ve got. The size of a spill is insignificant because stains are difficult to remove in either case. The first step when you encounter a mishap such as a wine spill is to not waste any time and act instantaneously. The few tips mentioned below are the easiest way to get rid of a carpet wine stain removal without much hassle.

Wine Stains Removal From Carpet
Wine Stains Removal From Carpet

Tips to Remove Wine Stains From Carpet

  • As Simple As Boiling Water: –

    Yes, you got it right. Sometimes, it is as simple as this. When constantly blotting with a wet cloth seems ineffective, just boil a kettle of water and pour some over the area of the carpet that has been stained. Keep in mind to pour water from a considerable height to make sure the method is as effective.
  • Salt Always Helps: –

    As soon as you see that spot on your carpet, hurry over and grab the paper towel! Without wasting any time, try blotting the Carpet Stain Removal as much as possible by using Local Carpet Cleaning in Sydney. The more the paper towel absorbs, the lesser the hassle in completely getting rid of that spot. Pouring a little bit of cold water while trying to blot goes a long way. And now comes the salt. Grab the salt from your counter and just completely cover the remaining stain with it. The salt works its magic! It will gradually soak up the moisture of the stain and eventually dry up. Next up, simply vacuum your carpet and you will find it to be as good as new.
  • Dishwashing Liquid Can have Multiple Uses: –

    We all know that blotting with water might eventually lead to that dreaded Carpet Stain Removal Services fading out. In case, you are still seeing that blot on your precious carpet use our remedy and you’ll definitely be at ease. Just grab your dishwashing liquid and mix it with a little bit of hydrogen peroxide. Pour it over the stain and watch it work! In just a few minutes you will begin to notice the stain starting to fade away. Just keep in mind that use a light colored cloth since hydrogen peroxide has a high tendency to bleach the colors.
  • Detergent Works Wonders: –

    Mostly these two items are found in every household so just head over to your laundry and grab a scoop of that detergent. Firstly, cover the stain with some of that white vinegar. The vinegar works in mysterious ways as it has the ability to neutralize dark pigments such as red and purple. Next, you’ll have to apply that detergent and wash it out with a piece of cloth soaked in hot water. This tested formula is proven to be a savior in many encounter of a wine spill.
  • Cold Water to The Aid: –

    Not only boiling water but cold water aids in getting rid of that nasty stain. In a spray bottle, mix any dish wash soap you might have with cold water. Don’t forget to mix it up properly. Catch a dry towel and keep spraying a little while you blot the part with the wine stain. Eventually the stain will lighten out after which you can always wipe the area with a dry cloth.
Carpet Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Services

Wait What? More Wine?

Exactly! You’ve read it right, to remove a dark wine stain pouring more of some clear-colored white wine can be really beneficial. It will dilute the dark stain left by the spill and eventually the stain will start to fade. Remember to just keep blotting.

Call an Expert 

If the stain is something that seems unmanageable then you need not worry anymore! Just pick up the phone and dial our number right away! Our Premium Cleaning Services team of experts have extensive experience dealing with these mishaps and make sure that your valued carpet is presented back to you in the same condition it was found. So without wasting a moment and worrying about that dreaded stain, give us a call.